1st May 2020

If your HMO Property is outside the zone on the map, action is required.

If you’re a Landlord of a HMO property (3 or more unrelated people) then please watch this video! If you would like other useful information about regulations, hints, tips and other property information then please follow the Facebook page for Nick Oakes, the director of Oakmans Estate Agents, or add him on Linked In. 

It’s important that you register your HMO with the council before the 8th June if your property is OUTSIDE of the November 2014 article 4 zone.
Please find a picture of the current November 2014 article 4 zone below. 

To summarise, if your property is outside of the 2014 article 4 zone shown on the map then it is important to register the property with Birmingham City Council. If you do not you may find it difficult to re-mortgage or sell the property in the future.

Its free to submit this application if you do it now, below is a link to the council website where you can register your HMO. 

The above information is just one of over 170 legalities that as a landlord you are responsible for. If you would like assistance managing the compliance of your property, please contact the Oakmans team.

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